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The Vampire Diaries, sorted
Vampire DiariesGryffindorSlytherinHufflepuffRavenclaw
ESTP Katherine
ESFPCaroline, JennaHaley
ESFJTyler, Pearl
ENTP Alaric
ENFPRose, Lexi
ISTP Damon
ISTJLiz Elijah
ISFPJeremyVicki, Klaus
ISFJElena, Bonnie
INFPAnna, Matt

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It's sad how fucking stupid some people are.

Elena- ISFJ

(How dare you mistype the love of my life.)

Klaus-ISFP (he's a little girl, you need more than a few brain cells to be able to type him and anyone else, clearly)
Caroline-ESFP (when she became a vampire she got less 'dumb-bitch'-like, so as a vampire she's an ESFJ/ENFJ)

No one gives a shit about the other ones, but I'll have a go at it.
Vicki-ISFP (though she's been screwed up for a while because of her parents, making her act crazily, yet she's an ISFP at heart.)
Pearl-whogivesashit? Shesdead.

Esther-ENFJ/INFJ (she did go psycho by making her kids into immortal monsters, but it's because of her love for them and the pain that was caused to her by losing a son.) (she is doing right now by attempting to kill them for the greater good.)

Mikael-ISTJ (straight up, ISTJ men back then were hard ass assholes, and klaus, being the eldest out of wedlock took the shit hence his anger and resentment towards him.)

Now, stop eating vagisil, please: L2T, (Learn to Type.) cuz if you don't. You'll have to deal with critical assholes like me :D

You might think there's flaws here, but no. There's different types of types.
Not all ISTP's are raging hormonal assholes, like tyler was.
Not all ENFJ's turn their children into immortal beings :)

Me-INTP (schooling bitches since D.O.B '96)

Hi anonymous poster. Welcome and thanks for the criticism - I realize that I'm not always right when I type characters and I appreciate that you care enough to leave a second opinion. Please check the sexist douchebaggery, though. Misogyny is as stupid as people who are wrong on the internet.

Okay, so Stefan the INFJ. Have you actually met an INFJ? I know there's not so many of them and they're pretty quiet, but I know quite a few and I've definitely never seen one do man-pain and brooding like Stefan does. I've also never seen one that was an alpha male.

Damon as an ESFP made me laugh as well. That guy doesn't like people! He has maybe a list of 10 people he'd do anything for to keep alive and the rest... not so much. He also doesn't think out loud or share any kind of emotion willingly. In fact, he goes out of his way to kill people when it's suggested that he cares about anyone.

Tyler tries to be a leader, but kind of sucks at any kind of planning - he leads with his heart not his head. As you put it, he was a raging hormonal asshole, which is an unfortunate tendency some ESFJs have. Compensating for something by bullying others.

Jeremy is a damsel in distress, which is generally the ISFP Gryffindor role for women. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. INFPs, not so much. We hate it when life shits on us - or watching it shit on other people. Matt is the guy trying to avoid the drama. Notice he's practically the only human left.

I will consider Klaus as an ISFP, but he wants control and power. Introverts are not into that so much.

Caroline, I agree was an ESFP in the beginning (I think because her actress is an ESFP), but she organizes and runs things to a compulsive level of perfection. Very ESTJ joiner behaviour.

Elijah is an N-type. Klaus and Rebekah are S-types and he's the odd man out of his siblings.

I care about Pearl! She was awesome and gorgeous and stabbed Damon in the eyes with her thumbs when he annoyed her, but thinking back, she was probably an ESFJ instead of an ISFJ.

And Esther, probably not an ENFJ since she had no warmth or sense of humour. I don't know what she is otherwise (likely an S)- we didn't see much of her or Mikael.

And Katherine is the ESTP to end all ESTPs. ESTPs and ENTJs are pretty well matched at carrying out plans, though, so I can see where you're getting confused. She's kind of evil, and loves it - that's her charm. ENTJs tend to fall into being awful by way of other things and probably think of it as necessary to their plan.

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Stefans Type

I've seen a lot of people type Stefan as an INFJ or an ISFP. When I take in both sides of his personality I wonder if he could be an ESTJ. He is famous for being the guardian, the knight in shining armour, and the hero. He is colder and far more calculating than Damon, and when Katherine is playing one of her games he is always the one to figure it out. And while he isn't as flamboyant as Damon he does let his guard down and relax around like minded people. And considering he spends most of his time dealing with his issues or his brother there isn't a whole lot of reasons for him to make new friends. Add that to the fact that he's a natural leader and everybody always looks to him to save the day he just screams ESTJ to me. He also values order, tradition, and security. And while most people make a big deal about the depth of his feelings they are only evident to a select group of people. I'm genuinely curious to hear your thoughts on the matter. Hit me back-Anonymous

Okay, I've gone back and forth between ISTJ and ESTJ for a while now. I think I've talked myself over to ESTJ today.

Stefan's always kind of up and down on the I/E scale. I definitely agree that he is not an INFJ or an ISFP (at all!!!), but lot of what you're saying about him being an ESTJ can also be applied to ISTJs. ISTJs often make extremely respected leaders who pull people in.

What makes me a little suspect of what I'm seeing is that Stefan's more of an E when he's happy - when he's human in the early days, when he's hanging out with Klaus as the Ripper the first time (happy sociopath...), whenever he's around Lexi or Caroline. Most of the time when he's drawn inwards, it's because he's not in a good mental space (ie filled with self-loathing but hiding it better than Damon), which makes for lousy typing. I think he tends to focus on one person at a time, though, which strikes me as more of an introverted thing although it may be a writing quirk; Damon, Elena, Caroline and Lexi as people he cares about, and Klaus, Rebekah and Katherine as antagonists.

The most compelling argument I can make for Stefan being an extravert, is that he actually voluntarily enrolls in High School to get to know Elena, something I can see an ISTJ doing precisely never, and particularly not as a first option.

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